Territory Licencing and Partnering now underway for 2024.

The very core of our Patent (pend) data orchestration is to solve a global $1 Trillion problem.

Our DNA was built in asset securitization using escrow to stop scams and we built a platform that operates functionally the same as AIRBNB and at its most basic we hold the money between online buyer and seller.

Working with Australia’s biggest paytech provider during 2023 it became clear to us it’s not just asset delivery that is the problem when avoiding marketplace scams, the fundamental problem is the identity of the social media profile. 

We then set about creating a data orchestration that solves both issues in concert (sorry for the pun). 


Without realising it, we had inadvertently created a novel process which internally we now denote as  Social Media Identity Securitization. (SMIS)

This new orchestration marks a significant leap forward in digital security and trust.

The process or orchestration at its most understandable, allows social media users (profiles) to voluntarily undergo validation of their profile through KYC, facial biometrics, and AI data scraping, which empowers individuals to establish the authenticity of their online presence all tied back to their social media profile.

After working through the logic, we had a lightbulb moment, when we realised we could also connect a social media profile directly to a existing bank account and once we added our existing escrow application we had something very special.

With monthly active users of Facebook running at 2.96bn added to 2.bn on Instagram, 1.0bn Tik Tok and 900m on Linkedin, almost half of the planet is interacting on Social Media in one way or another everyday, so when Lloyds Bank came out earlier this year and outlined 8 in 10 scams come from Meta platforms it didn’t surprise anyone in our office at all.  

Our groundbreaking orchestration when used as a platform technology holds profound implications for combating identity fraud, online scams, and ensuring the credibility of social media interactions.

It also offers a secure gateway for financial transactions, bridging the virtual and real worlds.

As a world-first innovation, Securely Certified’s Social Media Identity Securitization solution has the potential to reshape the digital landscape, fostering a safer, more trustworthy, and interconnected global online community.

Social media profiles are known for fake profiles and scams, Securely Certified’s provisional patent covers any social media platform that has a profile photo attached, including Facebook, Instagram, X (f.k.a. Twitter) Linkedin, Pinterest, Snapchat, Youtube, TikTok etc.

We are pleased to say we have started licencing and or partnering discussions in Australia and Singapore with our institutional partners noting the eloquence and sophistication of the orchestration.

For Global Licencing please contact our Managing Director Rob Neely on 0427526744 or [email protected]

Introducing Securely Certified: Trust and Security  

Securely Certified is the easy way to prove you’re really you. An online payment platform that allows you to send and receive money using your social media profile around the world.

Introducing our revolutionary paytech solution Securely Certified™, poised to transform the way to handle financial transactions on social media and avoid being scammed.

Trust is the foundation of every successful transaction. We understand that trust is paramount in today’s digital world at Securely. That’s why we’ve introduced the Securely Certified badge – a symbol of verification that assures you and others that your online transactions are secure, genuine, and trustworthy.  

With a patent pending, this cutting-edge technology represents the pinnacle of innovation in the payment industry. Seamlessly integrating with existing social media platforms, our paytech not only ensures secure and efficient transactions but also opens up new avenues for financial management. 

What Does Securely Certified Mean for You?  

Securely Certified is not just a badge; it’s a comprehensive approach to safeguarding your digital identity and ensuring the security of your transactions.

Securely Certified is an online payment system that allows you to send and receive money around the world. You can link your bank account, credit card, or debit card. You can also have a balance in your Securely Certified account.

You can use Securely Certified to send money securely with no fees or minimums, as long both users have an account. You can use Securely Certified on your web browser, tablet or via the app on a mobile device.

Stay ahead of the curve and elevate your business to unprecedented heights with our ground-breaking PayTech, a testament to our commitment to pioneering the future of payments.


You will be able to link your bank account, credit card, or debit card. You can also have a balance in your Securely Certified account.

You can use Securely Certified to send money securely with no fees or minimums, by opening a free account. You can use Securely Certified on your web browser, tablet or via the app on a mobile device.

We offer 2 types of accounts: Personal and Business. To sign up for a Securely Certified account, visit our sign-up page.


Here’s why you should embrace Securely Certified:  

  • Digital Identity Protection: Beyond online transactions, Securely Certified is dedicated to safeguarding your digital identity. We protect your online presence and personal information from unauthorised access or misuse.  
  • Single Sign-On (SSO) Capabilities: Say goodbye to the hassle of remembering multiple passwords. Securely Certified offers SSO capabilities, allowing you to access your accounts with a single set of login credentials. Use your existing accounts from providers like Facebook, Gmail, mobile, and Apple to access our platform effortlessly.  
  • Fast Login Service with Facial Biometrics: We’ve revolutionised security and user experience with Facial Biometrics. Enjoy a swift and secure login process using advanced facial recognition technology. No more traditional passwords or PINs!  
  • Security and Precision: Facial Biometrics ensures top-tier security by recognising the uniqueness of your face. Advanced algorithms distinguish between live faces and impersonation attempts, making unauthorised access virtually impossible.  
  • Seamless Login: Experience a seamless and user-friendly login process that simplifies tasks like unlocking applications and authorising transactions.  
  • Integration with Trusted Organisations: Securely is partnering with renowned organisations, including major banks. This integration allows you to verify your identity through these trusted partners, enhancing security and trust. You remain in control, sharing only what’s necessary when required.  
  • Data Privacy and Protection: We prioritise your privacy by minimising the storage of personal data on our servers. This proactive approach reduces vulnerability to data breaches, keeping your information safe.  
  • Direct Link to Payment Systems: Our direct connection to Australia’s New Payments Platform via accredited PayTo ensures a more advanced and secure payment experience. Enjoy real-time transaction settlements with confidence.  

Join the Securely Certified Community  

Your trust and security matter to us. Securely is your partner in ensuring that your digital identity and transactions remain protected and trustworthy. Embrace the Securely Certified badge today and experience a new level of confidence in your online interactions with Facebook marketplace, Gumtree and more.