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Securely’s media team can provide data, insights and spokespeople. 

Data and research 

We have access to a wide range of research and data on the biggest issues in scamming and retailing facing consumers right now. 


Expert spokespeople 

Securely’s expert spokespeople and researchers regularly contribute to major national and regional media. Our PR team can also help with commentary, data, rate predictions and custom research. 


Unique insights on today’s biggest scam stories 

Securely is placed to provide commentary and analysis on today’s biggest scam stories.  

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Our Latest Research

Our latest study aimed to explore people’s experiences and behaviours regarding scams, including the history of being scammed, reporting scams, and the financial impact of un-reported scams. 

Latest Scam Statistics

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Amount Lost

Amount reported lost so far in 2023

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Number of reported scams in 2023

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Australian's Scammed

64% of Australians have reported a scam in the past

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Not Reported

66% Australians who have been scammed did not report it

Meet Our Expert Spokespeople

Rob Neely - Sell Securely Director

Scam and Cyber Expert

Rob is a serial entrepreneur and innovator and over the past 45 years he has successfully founded and grown companies across entertainment,  publishing and the equine industry. 

Rob began his journey into paytech after realising there was a significant issue with the safe, secure and reliable payment of tradespeople. After a highly successful launch the company branched out to include private payments across the board. 

Founded in 2020,  Securely is a payment solutions platform specifically created to protect consumers in online trading platforms.

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