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Established in 2020, Pay Ewe is an online payment service born from the belief that Australians should not fall victim to scams. Our mission is to ensure that every individual can conduct online transactions securely when buying and selling privately.

As the proliferation of online marketplaces has led to a surge in scams, we designed a tool to eradicate this threat. Pay Ewe offers equal protection to all parties involved in transactions, adhering to strict regulations and undergoing regular audits. We are also a registered independent remittance provider with Austrac.

Pay Ewe stands as the ultimate choice for secure purchases on platforms like Facebook Marketplace and Gumtree. It extends its safety net to various transactions, including those involving automobiles, digital products, motorcycles, farm equipment, boats, and other high-value items. Additionally, our platform, Sellsecurely.com, can be utilized for service-related transactions, such as consultations.

Our Mission

Securely and Pay Ewe is here to help Aussies avoid scams by transferring money safely when buying privately. 

Why Choose Us

Once you have signed up for a Pay Ewe account, you can request money from anyone, anywhere in Australia. Simply enter their email address, and the amount you wish to receive and press ‘Send’; it’s that easy. 

Pay Ewe is the safest option for purchases made on platforms like Facebook Marketplace and Gumtree. It can be used on all kinds of purchases, including cars, digital products, motorcycles, farm equipment, boats and other high-value merchandise. Pay Ewe can be used on services, too, such as consultants.

Rob Neely, Founder of Securely discusses our company's purpose

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