joins the Global Anti-Scam Alliance (GASA) to become a leader in the Australian anti-scam movement.

As threats from the international scam industry chain intensify, Paytech service provider announced today that it has joined GASA (The Global Anti-Scam Alliance). As a new member, we hope to build a bridge between the Australian and northern hemisphere fraud prevention communities. In the face of new scam risks posed by generative AI, cooperation between and GASA will support interregional and cross-field scam information and technology exchanges while building global anti-fraud barriers.

In recent years, fraud around the globe has grown increasingly severe. According to GASA’s 2022 Global Fraud Report, global fraud has increased by 10.2% when compared to last year (2022), with total financial losses reaching 55 billion US dollars. As generative AI (such as ChatGPT and DeepFake, etc.) develops rapidly, instances of malicious use continue to occur in numerous locations. In the future, scams will continue evolving at an accelerated pace, and their running costs will be reduced. Coupled with frequent leaks of personal information, scam prevention requires more investment from the public and private sectors and a strategy to jointly prevent fraud.

GASA (the Global Anti-Scam Alliance), is a renowned non-profit international anti-fraud organization in Europe and the United States. Since its establishment, it has had a high degree of influence in the public and private sectors. Its mission is to improve global awareness of fraud while actively promoting the sharing of scam prevention as well as training and education. Its current members include information security giant Trend Micro, domain name registrar EuroDNS, anti-phishing working group APWG, and cyber-investigation agency CyberTrace, among other organizations.

Since its establishment, in addition to an annual global fraud report, GASA also holds the Global Anti Scam Summit and forum exchanges, inviting members of the European Parliament, the FBI, the US Federal Trade Commission, Japan’s JC3, and other anti-fraud authorities. At the same time, GASA also organizes an annual Scam Fighter of the Year Awards to encourage organizations and individuals to actively take part in scam prevention.