QLD Start-up Launches To Protect from Online Scams

Australians are being scammed at a cost of nearly $2 billion1 a year, with over 11,000 e-commerce scams2 reported to Scamwatch in 2022. Sell-securely.com has been created to help Aussies avoid scams by transferring money safely when buying privately. It is easy to use, safe and free for transactions under $5000.

Launching first in Queensland, Sell-securely.com offers equal protection to all parties involved in transactions by using escrow, and is regulated and audited by the Australian Government agency Austrac. 

Sell-securely.com is the safest option for purchases made on platforms like Facebook Marketplace and Gumtree. It can be used on all kinds of purchases, including cars, digital products, motorcycles, farm equipment, boats and other high-value merchandise. Sell-securely.com can be used on services too, such as consultants.  


“Securely® operates as an escrow service and is effectively a simpler, faster version of the popular online payment system, PayPal. Funds are held in an independent bank account and then released when the buyer receives the items or services as advertised.”
“Facebook Marketplace, since its launch in Australia, has quickly become the go-to shopping forum for Aussies, with over a billion monthly users worldwide. Unfortunately, there is also a massive rise in scams, with 9 out of 10 online shopping scam victims saying they were scammed through Facebook or Instagram in 2021.”
“So many people have unfortunately paid for items and services which don’t exist or are not as advertised. On the other side, items have not been sent or services provided as agreed”.
Rob Neely

Sell-securely.com allows the seller to create a free account and automatically invites the buyer to accept the offer and place the payment with Securely®. It will notify the seller once payment has been received, so they can confidently close the deal.   


“If the buyer is happy with the deal, Securely® will release the funds immediately. All communications between buyer and seller are done online, and the platform has an in-built conflict resolution service for the parties if required,” Mr Neely said. 


“Both parties can feel secure knowing the other is who they say they are because Sell-securely.com legally validates identity and tracks the transaction. Neither party will need to share their financial information with the other, so buying and selling online is safe and scam free. Transactions are also immediate, so sellers don’t have to wait days for the money to arrive in their bank accounts.” 

Mr Neely is pleased to be playing an important role in helping drive out scammers from the private sales market. 

“According to the ACCC, only last month, in December 2022, 971 people reported they were scammed on transactions of $1000 (on average). With this in mind, we have kept the service free for those smaller transactions. Doing so will make it almost impossible for the scammers to survive,” Mr Neely said. 

 Sell-securely.com is available nationally but has officially launched to the media in Queensland first.  

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